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Ways to get cashback


Getting paid to shop seems like a strange idea, but that’s exactly what cashback is. Whether it’s through your credit card or via an app on your mobile phone, it’s possible to claw back a little of your spending each time you shop.

Cashback sites pay you cash for things you were going to puchase online anyway. It's FREE money. But if you’re planning on buying something anyway, and know the pros and cons of each method, it’s a fantastic way to boost your income.

Ways to earn FREE cashback:

Cashback websites

There are a handful of websites which act as the middle man between you and online retailers, and in return they give you a cut of the commission.

This could be a couple of percent when buying some clothes or booking a hotel, to hundreds of pounds for opening a new mobile phone contract or purcahsing insurance.

The main issue here is the money isn’t guaranteed, so don’t buy something through cashback sites based solely on the extra cash you’ll get. Until the money is in your account, don’t spend it – and again, it’s worth shopping around to check there aren’t better deals available without cashback.

However, if you follow the instructions on the site carefully you should be able to quickly build up a reasonable amount.

The top two are Quidco and Topcashback.