Cheap International Phone Calls

Welcome to the UK’s No.1 instant dial service.

With EasynetAccess Just Dial you can make cheap international calls by simply dialling a UK access number, typically starting with 0844.

How you pay for the call

When you make a call using EasynetAccess Just Dial you only pay for calling one of the access numbers, for which you are charged by your service provider (e.g. BT , VirginMedia (NTL) or Sky). So for example, if you make a 10 minute call to Bangkok, Thailand using a BT phone using our 0844 720 2176 1p access number. Then the next time you get your BT bill, you will see a call to our 0844 720 2176 number, a duration of 10 minutes and a charge of 10p - absolutely no charges by us.